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How to power F5529 with USB power supply

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Reading http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau533a/slau533a.pdf should give you answers, it has some pages on power sources.

I was struggling with the same issue, but got it to work.

You have to remove some of the headers, I think it was the "SBW*" ones, but read the pdf, and report back exactly what pin headers you had to report.



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I did notice this behavior with the rev 1.4 EXP430F5529LP (which has a red underside).  The rev 1.5 EXP430F5529LP (white underside) can be powered from a plugpack.  I didn't pursue this clue further as it's the 1.5 ones I plan to deploy around the house (someday...), but this behavior is confirmed by slau533a, though no workaround is mentioned.   I suppose if you break out a USB cable and connect the 5V/GND to the correct BoosterPackXL pins it could work, though not being an EE I worry that there might be some power conditioning/boost/buck converters that would get bypassed.

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Version 1.4 (slau533,) of the F5529 LaunchPad had to be connected to USB host, otherwise the hub (IC401) would not enable the power (U401/U403.)

This "feature" was fixed in 1.5 (slau533a.)


One way to fix this would be cutting *PWRON traces near U401 and U403 and grounding them. Since *PWRONx outputs of IC401 are push-pull, they have to be left unconnected (it works, but I don't take any responsibility :) )





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