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Hello, I am a long time Arduino user, and I was tempted by the $20 price on the newest "Connected" launchpad TM4C1294XL.  Seemed mighty powerful for the price!


So I am basicly a noob only when it comes to this platform, and I've been going thru the tutorials and 'getting started' videos and I'm still stuck.


First of all, I am trying to get started and the "Blink" example does not work on this board.  Apparently because whatever I/O pin that Energia maps as "RED_LED" is not the same as any of the I/O pins that drive the 4 LEDS on my TM4C1294XL board.

According to the docs for my board, the LEDs are connected to GPIO pins PN0, PN1, PF4, and PF0.  This board has a heckuva lot of I/O pins.  How are they all numbered/named in Energia?  I've tried all sorts of numbers and names and either it doesn't compile because it's not recognized, or it compiles but the lights don't actually blink.  It apparently uploads as it seems to have overwritten the Exosite demo app that came pre-loaded on the board.

Likewise, I can't get the "Hello" example to work either.  No text is received in the terminal.  Checked baud rate, com port, hit reset, etc.

And likewise, I can't get "Blinky" or "Hello" to work in Code Composer either.  No errors that appear fatal.


At this point, I'm not sure if my board even works.  I have not been able to get either the blinky or hello world sketches to work, either in Energia, or Code Composer.  I'm not entirely sure the sketch is even being uploaded to the board.  But the Exosite app worked before I apparently overwrote it.  I don't see any fatal errors.  Like I said, I'm a noob to this platform, but pretty good with Arduino, I've been working with it for years.


(Stellaris virtual COM drivers are installed, Windows Device Manager sees my board as COM4)


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First of all, welcome to the forum.


Some questions...are you using Energia 12? Version 12 is the first version that has support for that board.  Also, have you selected you board model in Tools => Board?  Please forgive the questions if they seem obvious but these items weren't mentioned in your post.


It would be helpful if you could post the output of Energia after it compiles and writes to the device.

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Welcome to Energia! 


Energia release 12 supports the Connected LaunchPad. The way pins are numbered on Energia is PN_0 for pin PN0.


Please find a pre-release of the pins map for the TM4C129 LaunchPad.


Update! Pins map with picture

attachicon.gif2014-03-23 LaunchPad with TM4C1294NCPDT Pins Map.jpg

(Click to enlarge, full-sized picture)

Good job.

Now, a diagram like that showing the pins along the side for breadboarding would be sweet. ;)

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:smile: Success!  Thanks guys!  I was using Energia ver 11, which I downloaded about 3 weeks ago when I actually ORDERED my board.  Went and got v12, updated the pin names, and viola!


Update: I got Code Composer working, sort of.  I started over again from scratch with the install, configuration, and setup.  I must have flubbed something on the first go round.  The "Blinky" project made the LED blink!  But with the "Project 0" the buttons don't seem to be working and I get no output to the terminal.  I'm still troubleshooting...


(Note to TI: install and initial setup (having to import a bunch of projects) is a bit involved. :blink:  Since the installer asks which board at the beginning, why not have the installer import the proper projects, including the examples that already come with it anyway)



I'm looking forward to working with this board.  My Arduino projects have been getting bigger and more complex, and I'm starting to overwhelm it.  I'm working on a clock which also calculates sunrise, sunset, moonrise/set/phase, tides and a bunch of other astro stuff.  Way too much floating point math for the regular Arduino.  I moved up to an Uno32 and it's been handling it pretty well, but this TI board is even more powerful and costs less!

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