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IPC training information

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While hunting for the ipc component identification desk reference, I stumbled across IPC's Media Training and Certification for Electronics Assembly.


The webpage has a whole bunch of training info on electronics assembly. I think they are trying to show you what kind of training programs you can purchase from them. 


For example, this is a low res video on how to do lead-free hand soldering.


Still, I think this stuff is cool.



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Hey, thanks for the IPC Certification stuff. I also have gone through these certifications and would like to suggest BEST Inc (https://ipctraining.com/) for getting the best training in IPC. They have experienced IPC trainers and also offer Mobile training facility as well. Also, one more training center is there near Illinois i.e EPTAC Training Center(https://www.eptac.com/) which is in good competition with BEST Inc.

Out of these two, you can choose any.

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A  ridiculously long time ago, I took PACE solder training. At the time, someone said it was the training program that NASA employees had to take to be one of their solder jockies.  I’m count it as one of the best investments that I ever made in my career. I think of soldering as one of my superpowers now. 

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