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How to use hall sensor with a brushed dc motor

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I have a question regarding how I can use the Hall effect sensor with a brushed dc motor to measure vertical distance? I'm using MSP430F5529 microcontroller and have tested the pwm. I will be using one latched hall sensor. The tip of the screw that is attached to the motor will have 4 magnets where 2 of the magnets will send a high signal and 2 will send a low signal. How will I be able to measure the count from the hall sensor so that I can signal mso430 to stop at a particular distance?


P.S I will be using C programming for this project and will try to implement PI controller after I figure this out.


Thank You

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What type of hall sensor?




If it is a switch type (output is active if there is a field of the appropriate orientation): tie the output of the sensor to an input that can trigger an interrupt. Have a counter (global) that the interrupt routine increments or decrements (as appropriate based on direction) each time the interrupt is triggered. If the sensor needs to have a response, respond in the interrupt handler. The counter will need to be declared as volatile, and can be read anywhere in the code as a position.



If it is analog output, tie it to a comparator input and use the comparator to trigger the interrupt.

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