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Digilent Analog discovery vs. NI myDAQ

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I've been thinking of buying one of these and the specs of the Digilent one seem to be better in general when compared to myDAQ, however the later seems to be more popular still.


Would you guys have any insight to share from owning / using one of these?


From what I've seen, the specs for the oscilloscope function (which is the one I think I will use the most) are in summary (Digilent vs. myDAQ)

- No. of channels: 2 vs. 2

- Sampling rate: 100 MS/s vs. 200 kS/s

- Bandwidth: 5 Mhz vs. ~100 kHz (informa

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I have one of the analog discoveries and have been very happy with it so far. When I bought mine I didn't see the NI version. The software works well, and the controls are user friendly. I have not used it in an application yet where I have pushed to the edges of the specs yet. I'm happy with it and would buy another one if I needed to.

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