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Stacking Anaren AIR CC2530 Boosterpack and BCD Display Boosterpack

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Hi all,


I need to make a display with wireless interface. In this case, i use Anaren AIR CC2530, MSP430 Launchpad Value Line, and BCD Display

I have succesfully connected my MSP430 Launchpad with ANAREN AIR. It is less problematic there.


The problem is when i try to stack the BCD Display to launchpad (without Anaren AIR). It took me 1 week to notice that i need to remove jumper J5 to make the BCD display work. (The BCD display need P1.6 connector to be connected to the pin, not to the LED). After i make that jumper open, the display is now showing the graphics.


Now, i need to stack Launchpad-Anaren AIR-BCD Display. I thought it would work without any modification. Unfortunately, the same code won't work for current stack setup. So i think there should be a port conflict problem again.


How should i configure the port J1 and J2? So that i can use both the Anaren AIR and the BCD Display (it seems there is some port-conflict there, but i have no idea what port which is conflicting). Is there any jumper or variable in codes that i should notice?




Update: I noticed the schematics that P1.6 and P1.7 is controlled by A2530 chip, which is used by the BCD Display. Is there any way to make P1.6 and P1.7 usable by MSP430 chip and not reserved by A2530 chip?



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Both devices are SPI, they should be able to share MISO/SOMI/P1.7, MOSI/SIMO/P1.6, and SCLK/SCK/P1.5.


What they cannot share is chip-select/CS/P2.0.


So, I think you'll have to use a different GPIO pin as a chip-select for the BCD.


Hi, thank you for the answer. Does it mean i must rewire J1-7/P2.0 pin? Or, could this be done programmatically?


I previously thought there is some variable that can control output on A2530 chip.

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I am sorry. After i check the schematics, it is obvious that P2.0 is not conflicting. I still don't understand why the BCD display shows nothing when connected to Anaren Air. However, to make sure the ports only used by BCD Display, i have disabled the CC2530 by code below (as suggested by Anaren's hardware abstraction layer).

    P2DIR |= BIT0           // Configure outputs
    P2SEL = 0;
    P2SEL2 = 0;
    P2IFG = 0;
    P2OUT &= ~(BIT0);       // turn off module

Unfortunately, i am still unable to turn on the BCD Display.
(Again, the code run smoothly when i stack BCD Display directly, without Anaren Air. Here is the code that i use. To download, simply File > Save from Google Drive in the top Google Drive menu ).


Thanks in advance,


MSP430 Anaren Air schematics:



BCD Display schematics:




Update: After several experiments, i noticed some different active low/high behaviour for the pins when Anaren AIR connected. This code:

    P2SEL = 0x00;
    P1IE  = 0x00;
    P2IE  = 0x00;
    P1IES = 0x00;
    P2IES = 0x00;
    P2OUT = 0x01;
    P2DIR = 0x01;
    while (1);

Shows around 4V on pin P2.0 (which is expected) with nothing stacked on launchpad. But when i stack Anaren AIR Boosterpack, it shows 2V on Pin 2.0 (which is unexpected, it also should show 4V). Is there something wrong?

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