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Hi everyone, 

     I'm a beginner and I hope to get some help from the community. Please excuse me if I ask silly questions!     

     I'm doing a control project and according to plan, I will use up to 37 pins on my Tiva board!  The problem is that I cannot find the pins' number for  TCK TMS TDO TDI EXT TDX RXD on the left side of the reset button. Withthout now what numbers they have, ie: pin 1, pin 2,...pin n, I can not set up them correctly in Energia. I have searched several hours online and cannot find the answer.


Please help! Thank you very much!

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Specifically, look on the schematic.


See where it talks about the DEBUG/VCOMM connector (which is what you are looking at).

So those connect to PC0-3 and PA0-1

Ext just connects to the ICDI chip.


Use caution if try to use PC0-3 for other purposes, since those are the lines used for programming the chip, if you do it wrong you can make it so you can't reprogram the chip.

Also be aware that a few pins have bridges between them, so have to remove the bridge to use them - see table 2-4 and 2-5 in User's guide.

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