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Hi from US, need help with TCK TMS TDO TDI EXT TDX RXD pinout!

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Hi everyone ^_^ , 

     I'm a begginer and I hope to get some help from the community. Please excuse me if I ask silly questions!     

      I have 1 useful information about the Tiva for begginer and one question about it. Hope that someone can use the useful info and help me with what I'm having       trouble with.

     1. The Tia pins layout FOR Energia is the same as the layout for stellaris, BUT the functions of each pin are not the same, user has to refer to the Quick Start Guide from TI. For example, pin 3 on the stellaris can output PWM, but pin 3 on the Tiva cannot. I hope this is not a double post.

     2. My problem is that I cannot find the pins' number for  TCK TMS TDO TDI EXT TDX RXD on the left side of the reset button, hope someone can help!

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