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Printing PCB, the end of bread board

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I think when these are discussed in detail the problem is the relatively high resistivity of the traces. PCB printing is definitely an interesting area, but has a long way to go to be useful.


Personally, I'm getting on great with etching presensitised photoresist boards and dry film soldermask. I'm now comfortable down to TSSOP and 0805. I'll be trying LQFP and QFN soon. (Just got some sample F2013s in 16QFN as a bit of a challenge. Maybe just a QFN to DIP breakout would be a good start.)

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I completely fail to see the interest in any of these conductive inks.  The resistance is so high that they are practically useless, and the issue of joining parts to the ink is greater than any advantage to be gained, even at  much lower resistance levels.  Nevermind the absurd price.


In many ways, the "popularity" of conductive ink is representative of everything I loathe in the maker community -- An expensive and proprietary solution for a problem that simply doesn't exist.

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