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What is your workplace wall colour?

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I am thinking of Painting my Workplace(small room where I work with my soldering iron & other components :biggrin: ) walls but I'm little confused about colour to choose. It is a small room of dimensions 10x10. 
So Suggest me colour or you can post Pics of your home work room.
I would love to see your workplace (Home room) wherever you work and I like messy things  :tongue:

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Mine is off white with a bright white ceiling, but I have a lot of natural light. It's about 3mx3m.


Plain white in a small room makes it seem boxy and under fluorescent lighting the corners look grey. I would recommend a stronger wall colour. It will also show less dirt and help cover imperfections in the surface. Work rooms are high traffic so ideally you want at least semi gloss finish for durability. Ceiling can be matt white.

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My spaces are a mix: Upstairs, in the office, layout table and drafting table require a lot of light, so walls, ceiling, all medium white semigloss. Good north light (this room is why I bought the  house)


Basement is a mix of white, tan, brown, blu, and whatever, much left from the previous owner. I have repainted as I feel like it, starting with the exposed rafters. Repaint is leftover white from upstairs, ahere appropriate, and white/light grey drylok on the concrete. That space is used for electronics, woodwork, and machine work lathe/drill press/etc) so needs a lot of light. Small, but not boxy

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That's Sounds even more Great  :goodjob: .. I am desperate now.. Please let me see Your walls, rooms  :tongue: .. Please upload Pic's ...

I am going to finalize my room colour tomorrow !!

Have you seen this thread? It is more deskspace than workspace.


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