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Setup :


Portable PC

Windows XP

Launchpad MSP-EXP430G2 Rev 1.5  Board

Program : Eamples/Basic Blink

Compiler : Energia

Board : Launchpad w/ MSP430g2553

Serial Port : Port 3

Processor Fitted to Board : M430G2553



I downloaded the Energia compiler today and tried to run it for the first time with the setup above .


Compilation ok until I got the following linker error


c:/program files/energia/energia-0101e0011/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: cannot open linker script file memory.x: No such file or directory
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status


 It looks like it cannot find the memory.x script file .  


I found a memory .x file in the following directory -  


C:\Program Files\Energia\energia-0101E0011\hardware\tools\msp430\msp430\lib\ldscripts\msp430g2553


I compiled it into the same path as the linker -  C:\Program Files\Energia\energia-0101E0011\hardware\tools\msp430\msp430\bin


I still got the same error  . For some reason the linker is not finding the memory.x file it seems


Aslo, I think the  Com ports are not  seeing Launch Pad board. I get the same Com port list when I select Tools --> Serial Port  when the LaunchPad board is plugged in and when it is unplugged .  Ther are no Com ports on this portable PC normally .


Anyone know what I can do to resolve this issue ?

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