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NRF24L / Launchpad Example CCS

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Couldn't find a simple msp430 CCS example of the NRF24L 2.4ghz so I wrote one. Requires 2 msp430g2553 launchpads and 2 NRF24L modules. Press button on 1 launchpad to toggle LED on other launchpad. Note example code assumes you know C language.


*Note:  Driver referenced from Brad S, supreme overlord of all C


Preview of main (download for full driver set):

//Author: Nathan Zimmerman

//Date: 3/2/14

// Driver referenced from Brad S, supreme overlord of all C

//Launchpad CCS example of NRF24L Driver. Use P1.3 Button to toggle LED on other launchpad. Hence requires 2 NRF modules & 2 launchpads

//Note example uses a fixed packet length of 5.

//GPIO Pinouts

//P2.0 = IRQ

//P2.1 = CSN

//P2.2 = CE

//P1.5 SCLK

//P1.6 MISO

//P1.7 MOSI

//P1.3 Button Launchpad Rev 1.5

//P1.0 Red LED Launchpad Rev 1.5

#include "msp430g2553.h"

#include "stdint.h"

#include "Drivers/rtc.h"

#include "Drivers/clock.h"

#include "Drivers/usi.h"

#include "Drivers/External/NRF24L.h"

#include "Drivers/External/LAUNCHPAD_IO.h"

const uint8_t txMessage[PAYLOAD_WIDTH]= "Hello";

void main(void)


    uint8_t rxbuffer[PAYLOAD_WIDTH] = {0,0,0,0,0};

    volatile uint8_t statusData = 0;






    SERIAL_CLASSES spiHandle = { SPI, SMCLK_16MHZ_SPI_CLK_4MHZ, MODULE_B}; // NRF cannot run at max baud 16mhz



    statusData = getNrfStatus();

    if(statusData != 0x0E)


        while(1); // NRF failed to init, check pinout or device







            if(rxbuffer[0]=='H') // newb check for "Hello" Message







            transmitTxData((uint8_t *)txMessage);

            _delay_cycles(16000000); // newb button debounce











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