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Wired USB DP/DM Backwards, Killed USB?

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I'm calling in the MSP430 USB specialists.


On Rev A of my standalone AIS Receiver board, I connect DP/DM (D+/D-) backwards to the MSP43F5508. After I realized the error, I cut the traces and patched it up with two short wires. Unfortunately the device is still not enumerated by the host.


I use TI's USB library. USB_setup() completes successfully, but USB_connectionState() stays in the enumerating state forever while nothing happens on the PC.


Could it be, that I killed the USB data inputs by having DP and DM connected the wrong way around?


Any other suggestions on how to debug this situation?

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If you have 4 / 8 / 12 / 24 MHz XT2 and BSL button on board try to update firmware by USB BSL using Firmware Upgrade Example (http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/MSP430_USB_Developers_Package/latest/index_FDS.html). If you don't have BSL button, do mass erase using SBW/JTAG, and than plug your board to PC and device will enter to USB BSL mode by default, without BSL button. If you are able to flash (by USB BSL) and execute P1.0 blinking example, there is no problems with USB module (DP/DM lines).

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Depending on how many components you have in your possession. You could semi-populate a second board. with a greenwire fix for the USB data, If that works with your current firmware then you've fried the first IC.


It is possible that the datalines could have been fried, but they're bi-directional and only got exposed to logic level signals, so it seems unlikely. :/

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