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Not to mention that nodejs is nonblocking / event driven.

I assume what you are saying is: NodeJS creates lots of threads.


It's interesting to me, though, that people are so fluent in web page markup that it is the easiest path to making a GUI.  Don't take this as any sort of criticism, just a remark, because it is a trend despite the massive amount of streamlining that has happened to desktop software IDEs in recent years.

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If you're interrested in nodejs you should read about it. 

I don't think I am now, because I don't do web.  In other words, the advantage of having the HTML/CSS frontend is not an advantage for me.  It is something more I would need to learn, and it is non-trivial.  But it seems like a very neat implementation of javascript for those who already have a web background.


Moreover, there are some examples of node.js implementations for embedded scripting.  The reason must be the event-driven aspect of it -- seems logical.  In any case, I don't think I will be implementing it.  Any sort of scripting implementation I do will be lower-level, simply because I don't think I work with systems heavy enough to support node.js in a meaningful way.


Moreover moreover, there is a project called Node Red.  I know some folks who work on it.  They make a big deal about it being Node.js, but I never understood why.  I suppose now that they make a big deal about it because, as a node.js application, it is easy to deploy to "cloud-based" or SaaS products.  However, I still look at it as a cumbersome solution, but that is another story.

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