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I'm not sure if this quite counts as "mailbag" as it's a bit big, but this was delivered recently. A nice new workshop for the end of the garden that I'm currently busy kitting out with workbenches, p

I finally got my NFC implant err... implanted. I'm very happy with it. You'll find full details here but if you just want the gory details...    

Let's not get into a discussion about religion. I'll get frustrated. You'll get offended. Everyone else will be bored. We believe different things. Let's just leave it at that.

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My apartment complex sent me a message that I had a new package delivery!


Thanks USPS!!




Luckily everything inside was intact.  30 RocketBadges from @@cubeberg!





I'll be using these to teach some high school kids where I volunteer as a robotics mentor how to solder.  Hopefully I'll be back later with photos from the lessons.

Could you send us a pic of them soldering it( with permission, of course )

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Finally received the purple PCBs with the new dAISy layout matching the enclosures I recently posted about.



A perfect fit with less than a millimeter to spare on top of the BNC. The exposed ground plane on the edges looks nice but unfortunately is for naught: turns out the black coating of the aluminum enclosure is non-conductive :sad:.


I will probably build up only one unit, to check whether I screwed something up. Then add all the new ideas I had in the two weeks I've been waiting for the PCBs and respin it.


Also trying to figure out a sensible way to cut the holes into the front plate.

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If you don't mind a round hole, a step drill bit, a.k.a. "uni-bit" could drill the hole. To maintain the square-ish shape of the hole, find a bit that matches the radius of the corners, drill the four corners, then use a coping saw or similar to cut the straight edges.

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Scroller? That'll be a bit noisy won't it? Looks like a nice display though.

Yes - it will definitely be a little noisy :)  I'm going to see how noisy it is and go from there.  The split flap doesn't have as much moving around, so I'm hoping it won't be too bad.  Plus I need to build a case which might help.

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