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Got a parcel from US of A! My order from 43oh store had arrived. It was shipped 13.6, so very fast! Only five day's (including the weekend) to other side of the world!(Finland)

One MSP430G2955 Breakout Board V2 PCB and one Color LCD Booster pack PCB v1.2. Big thanks to @@RobG for making these awesome boards and to @@bluehash for making them available also to us who live in periphery. :rolleyes:


The LP actually arrived last Friday, as I was in the middle of cursing my media server for cunning out in the middle of interesting football match. The relay boards also arrived last week from china. I have been too busy watching world class football, to take pictures and post them here.


No time to put these baby's in action either, because it is start of midsummer festival (juhannus) in here. So everybody is too busy to get drunk, drive to their summer cottage and drown. Usually in that particular order. :biggrin:  Funniest thing is that it was snowing in here yesterday. Have to love the summer weather in Finland. I hope it is better for you all, where ever you might be. Happy summer to everybody!






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I'm not sure if this quite counts as "mailbag" as it's a bit big, but this was delivered recently. A nice new workshop for the end of the garden that I'm currently busy kitting out with workbenches, p

I finally got my NFC implant err... implanted. I'm very happy with it. You'll find full details here but if you just want the gory details...    

Let's not get into a discussion about religion. I'll get frustrated. You'll get offended. Everyone else will be bored. We believe different things. Let's just leave it at that.

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Oshpark sent some new PCBs...

This time some revisions of the board designs I did/do together with @@reaper7




Left: MSP430G2553 QFN

Middle: MSP430G2955 TSSOP38

Right: MSP430G2955 QFN


Thanks to the help of @@spirilis I got the 2955s working in Energia (see HERE).


As you might noticed, the solder pads of the QFN footprints are longer than normal ... I did this hoping that it would ease hand soldering these ICs. I soldered the 2955QFN and 2553QFN with a normal hand soldering iron + a lot of flux + solder wick. Worked pretty well ... will do some hot air soldering later to have a comparison.


Unfortunately this boards have a minor design flaw ... R3 and R4 were planned as pullups for the I2C EEPROM, but I messed up the routing for these - now they act just as solder bridges. But the next revisions are already in the pipeline :biggrin: This time: G2955 + MTK3339 (PA6C and PA6H) on the bottom + fixed EEPROM/I2C-pullups.



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Got some PCBs, 5cmx5cm, from elecrow. Asked for a v-score between two identical boards and they did it!




Unfortunately because I didn't think they actually would (I'd read they need boards larger than 8cmx8cm to fit in the machine) I left plenty of room so I could cut the boards myself.



They need manual sanding/filing to remove this part.

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w00t!  50W solar panel from a vendor on AliExpress ($77 shipped Fedex IE)



I intend to use it to charge a battery to power the night lamp outside my house (HOA requires it, and it hasn't been working for a few months thanks to the AC line getting destroyed from some construction), but also in the process to gain familiarity with solar charging, MPPT, DC/DC conversion in general.

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Not sure if this fits in the mailbag .. but it feels like something I would get in the mail from ebay.com.


Dollar Tree has some 12v USB Car Chargers for $1. Inside the device is an MC34063A a DC-DC step-down step-up IC. Seems like you could change the resistors and re-purpose it to output 3.3v Just a local drive for most of us living in the US.


Crappy obligatory picture:



Dollar Tree link:




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