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where did you find them?

China! specifically Taobao, and I used a forwarding agent to get them to AUS. I'd been looking for dual coloured small LED 8x8's for awhile now.


Lots of little Neodymium magnets. I am experimenting with soldering the little bastards for making electrical snap connectors.

Neodymium's are...Nickel? plated right. My experience is that they can be soldered, but with repeated "snaps" the plating peels off, and that's the end of your magnet. :(

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I'm not sure if this quite counts as "mailbag" as it's a bit big, but this was delivered recently. A nice new workshop for the end of the garden that I'm currently busy kitting out with workbenches, p

I finally got my NFC implant err... implanted. I'm very happy with it. You'll find full details here but if you just want the gory details...    

Let's not get into a discussion about religion. I'll get frustrated. You'll get offended. Everyone else will be bored. We believe different things. Let's just leave it at that.

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If the edges are rounded, and the solder comes to, but not over, the top edge, there is mechanical grip and they will hold. Soldering into a well helps with this. I have had the sam eexperience soldering to a surface.... the plating cracks off eventually

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It may be mine was expedited because I'd bought over $500 worth of other stuff from them in the last four weeks.  Between TI, Adafruit, Pololu, and Sparkfun my research budget for this year has been completely blown; on the other hand, I've got the pieces necessary for a half dozen complex projects.

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Yes kind of , I built a 3d printer and wanted to mount a light up under the print head.

I looked into using one of the neo pixel rings but they didnt quite fit the dimensons needed.

I also wanted to be able to control it more than just on and off so I put a msp430 on there.

I will post about it once I have them built up and working.

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