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I'm not sure if this quite counts as "mailbag" as it's a bit big, but this was delivered recently. A nice new workshop for the end of the garden that I'm currently busy kitting out with workbenches, p

I finally got my NFC implant err... implanted. I'm very happy with it. You'll find full details here but if you just want the gory details...    

Let's not get into a discussion about religion. I'll get frustrated. You'll get offended. Everyone else will be bored. We believe different things. Let's just leave it at that.

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@@bluehash that was my worry as well. Luckily I just received the correct replacement.


However this one came directly from Fort Worth, TX. The original shipment was processed by Digi-Key, judging from the the labels and sent from Thief River Falls. So there's still the possibility of a mislabeled bin somewhere in a warehouse in rural Minnesota.

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Got my free shipping bounty today as well.


I feel guilty ordering samples on their own, so I thought when buying these things - "well, will add a few other goodies as it won't cost them much more to add to the same package". Funnily though, I received a total of 4 separate packages for all the stuff - one with the booster pack, one with the MSP432, one with only 2 other IC's I paid for, and one with all the samples...


I know it's peanuts for TI, but they must have made a loss on my ~45 bucks order! You gotta love TI!



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Funnily though, I received a total of 4 separate packages for all the stuff



It's weird that they do that, given that I believe it all comes from digikey's warehouse.




I just got a new (to me) air filter (a purex fumecube 2). and I bought a Hakko Fume extractor nozzle to pair with it.

Hakko obviously wasn't designed for the Purex and didn't fit....so I had an excuse to 3d print an adapter + cap.


Already love it, it's great being able to look right over your work and not have to worry about flux smoke. The Hakko arm moves around easily but stays pretty rigid as you can see.

I'm sure future me will be grateful in avoiding smoke damage to my lungs.

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