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Just got woken up by the fedex guy. He brought my TI sample order. Funny thing that my MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit has not even shipped, and I ordered and paid it half hour earlier than I made the sample request on last Thursday night.  :rolleyes:

List of IC's, if it is not readable from the picture.


1 x MSP430F5529IPNR

3 x TPS3825-33DBVT

2 x MSP430F2132TPWR

3 x TPS61200DRCT



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Second PCB from Oshpark...

This is the first revision of a PCB I designed together with @@reaper7 - I had to order a new one because I "forgot" a power switch in the first layout :-D

It's a TSSOP board for the G2553 with LDO (MCP1703), LiPo Charger (MCP73831) and EEPROM (24LCxxx). Dimensions of the board are 36x36 mm (as in all my PCBs) to match the iTead 0.96" OLED (and the Sharp Display, see post before).



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