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MSP430F5438A internet connectivity

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I am working on project to design sensor network. I want to send my data over internet. I read the TI manual (slaa 137a) regarding internet connectivity of MSP430. They have shown interfacing between MSP430F149 and CS8900A ethernet controller. I am working on MSP430F5438A. I want to know is it possible to interface MSP430F5438A with CS8900A as shown in manual. If it is possible then should I interface CS8900A with any general purpose port of MSP430F5438. Shall I need RTOS for MSP430F5438 to implement ethernet connectivity?

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Given that the MSP430F5438 has more FLASH and RAM than the MSP430F149, and the linked app note does use regular IO to communicate with the ethernet controller, the TI example should port well to your environment.


But yeah, Rob's booster pack is probably the easiest way to go if you're looking for something pre-built.

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I'm from WIZnet Europe - but this is not intended as advertisement.

Here I just like to make a short tech. comparison:


                 W5500            | ENC28J60          | CS8900A
Temp at work:    40

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Hello Apr30,


OK, I fully agree that the W5200 in QFN is not maker friendly, but the W5500 in QFP with 0.5mm pitch - is possible also for makers.

I know that small "drawback" and I'm sorry we can not offer any wide body package.

But, we offer the W5500 also in the WIZ550io bread-board friendly v.1.1 Module and many makers like RobG here offer Booster-Pack, Shields and plug-in modules....

I like RobG's Booster Pack : http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4490-ethernet-booster-pack-v3/


I think the 10min more longer soldering on the W5500 with the fine pitch QFP package contrast to +100h to +1000h more longer coding and debugging with the 'other' Ethernet-Controllers ... less performance at the end ...

... it's up to you.


BR, Joachim

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thanks for coming back to my objection.

Spending more time on coding with 'other' Controllers is IMHO not necessarily true because there are quite(?) a few libs, at least for the Microchip controller.

From my point of view ENC28J60's popularity is due to it's package type.


PS: I already own both WIZ820io and WIZ550io and especially like the W5500.

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