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CC3000 on MSP430F5529 with Energia

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I found the following YouTube video demonstrating a web server using the MSP430 CPU and the CC3000 Wi-Fi module, together with the Energia toolchain. 


The video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yBP8HwUyeo


The evaluation modules recommended in the video are the


MSP-EXP430F5529LP launchpad evaluation board http://www.ti.com/tool/MSP-EXP430F5529LP

With the CC3000BOOST booster module http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3000boost


I got the parts and connected them. Got the energia toolchain and compiled and downloaded the simpleWebServer example.


through the serial monitor provided by energia I got the following:


Connecting to WiFi....
Connect success!
Waiting for DHCP address
IP Address Information:
IP Address:
MAC address: 70:FF:76:01:75:CD
Version: 1.10
ret: 171
Google IP:
new client
GET / 
When trying to access the web server through the browser by using I got the 'new client' string and the GET cmd...
but the page described in the video never popped up...
Is the example included in energia-0101E0011 unfinished... if so is there a new version? Any hint as to what I may be missing is greatly appreciated!



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Hi Nick, now that my simple server is working for WPA... my next step is to make it work for WEP...


I changed:


WiFi.begin(ssid, pass);                 // for WPA APs




uint8_t key_idx = 0;

WiFi.begin(ssid, key_idx, pass);   // for WEP APs 


this experiment did not work... so I started following the code and I ran into a little confusion since the function:


wlan_connect(WLAN_SEC_WEP, ssid, strlen(ssid), NULL, key, key_idx);


called by WiFi.begin appears to interpret the parameter key_idx as the length of the password? not as the key index...


so I changed key_idx to be the length of pass... and this experiment did not work either...


Ideas and suggestions welcomed....







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Sorry Diego, i've never bothered connecting to a WEP AP since my network is WPA.

And by the way, WEP is considered unsafe and easy to hack, with a modern laptop in a matter of minutes according to security websites.


But nice to read that you've got it working in WPA mode. :)


regards, Nick

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Hi Nick, thanks for your reply. The WEP mode is required as part of the board evaluation process ... I understand its weaknesses :-) ... can you redirect me to someone that could help with the WEP mode for this sketch?







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If i remember right WEP consisted of either of 4x 40Bit keys or one 128bit key, so i suspect that key_idx specifies which of the 40bit keys is meant, i also remember that WEP keys were hexadecimal.

I tried for an hour to connect to an old router with WEP but didnt succeed either, perhaps you can find some tips on Ti cc3000 wiki.



regards, Nick

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Hi all


I was able to connect the two things combo to my wifi (after some software upgrade on Energia with MSP430 "drivers"), with and without WPA or WEP protection (just comment/uncomment the relevant lines), but after the successfull connection I can't access the web server page using the assigned IP, after some time the browser gave up.


Any tips ?


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Try pinging the webserver. Even if the program has crashed the cc3000 replies to ping packets, looks like pings are handled by the cc3000 itself.

Open a command shell (on windows click on start button and enter "cmd" without quotes in the search line)

in the commandshell type:

ping <the ip of the webserver>


When you get a respond this means the cc3000 connected correctly but the program has probably crashed or isnt handling requests correctly.


Can you post the serial output? please edit out your wifi-password if that is showing up in the serial console before posting.


regards, Nick

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