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Two questions on using CCS

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Just started to build my C program (but don't have my LaunchPad yet) and I have 2 questions please:


1. how can I determine what the final downloadable object code is so I can be sure it will fit onto the u-cont?


2. how do I get rid of the error "warning: last line of file ends without a newline"?



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When you have your CCS project open, look in the left pane - the C/C++ Projects panel.


Do you see the "Debug" folder? Open it.


Look in there and find the file that ends with ".out". That is the file that is downloaded into the target.


Determining if it will fit is another problem.


Are you building a debug or release version of your code?


You have to try it to see if it will fit. That is the true test.

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If you go into the debug directory and find project-name.map Open that file and it contains a lot of information regarding the compile information including how much flash is used and not used.


I'm not certain if the map file is created by default. You might need to go into the options to create it.


Sorry, delayed response. I haven't been on in a while.

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