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Serial com showing nothing

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I just received my launch pad and started playing around with it. I am using the M430G2452.  The blink code, LED code all working for me. However, i am getting problem with the code using serial com.  I programmed the simple code hello world as shown in the example but get nothing in return in the com screen.  Am i suppose to see the "Hello world" at the bottom of the screen?  I selected the correct com3 and the board number.  What else i need to get the hello world showing?  I have downloaded and installed the latest 430-UART driver.  







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under the 'tools' tab in energia, verify that the serial monitor is enabled and set for the same async comm speed as your sketch - usually 9600.

you know that the serial monitor is enabled because there is a separate window that pops up on your pc screen.

hopefully, the problem is as simple as this.

good luck !



EDIT  ---  whoops, i just checked the bottom line of your sketch -- you are using the 2452 processor.   you need also to make sure you have the left-most two jumpers at J3 (on the rev1.5 launchpad) 'vertical' --- ie. all 5 jumpers vertical; pointing to the USB connector edge of the board.


just so you know, this issue , and others like it, are covered by this forum's on-lin help -or- the energia & launchpad documentation - just to help you get up to speed faster !

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