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Launchpad Firmware update

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I just applied the update to one of my v1.4 LP boards and it's working fine. It programmed a '2452 on the first attempt, like it's supposed to, and the programmed '2452 is running great in the debugger (CCS + Windows 7).


Regards, Mike McLaren, K8LH

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I ran the "updater" on my v1.3 LaunchPads and it said that they were already uptodate.



So maybe it's updating my v1.4 boards with an older firmware? Hey, as long as it works (grin)...


Cheerful regards, Mike McLaren, K8LH

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I have 6 Rev 1.4 boards, none of them needed this update. As I reported earlier, I didn't have any problems with 20 pin chips.

Some of my boards did fall in the range of 1009xxxxx and 1101xxxxx, 100909671, but they still didn't require an update.

I think they had a bad batch of F1612's (flashed with old firmware) that was used in some of those boards.

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