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I'm trying to make a clock with a Tiny RTC module and a iTead 5110 Nokia LCD. I'm using Adafruit RTClib and the energia LCD_5110_SPI.

Each library an device are working fine separately but when put together it stops working, is it possible to have SPI and I2C device working simultaneously?




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on the MSP430G2 launchpad?  no, sadly not, the SPI/I2C peripherals share the same line.

On the newer launchpads there is an I2C peripheral in the lower left corner (pins 9 and 10 of the J1 header), and I think there's a SoftwareI2C library floating around to implement I2C in software on those pins too (for the MSP430G2 launchpad).  Might look for that one.  I think @@Rei Vilo wrote it?

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