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What are you doing right now..?

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Printing a holder for a aiming laser for my CO2 laser on my new homemade 3D printer. The printer controller contains a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint, an Arduino with a Ramps shield and an "intelligent power switch"  based on a MSP430G2553 circuit of my design for booting/shutting down the Pi. I am using FreeCad & Slic3r for the 3D workflow - a lot of new stuff to learn...




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@@timotet - nice result from isolation milling.   The first machine I made is a fairly standard CNC mill, ballscrews, linear rails & steppers, using Mach3 and Vectric Cut2D & VCarve in the t

Making my first PCB using KiCAD, switching over from ZenitPCB. Next I am going make a prototype board with a LQFP-64 (TM4C123), will push my homemade PCB "printer" to its limits (its inherent resoluti

Seems to sell like hotcakes, the UPS man just dropped a Baofeng UV-5R+ on my doorstep I hope to use it as a test signal  to fiddle with my AIS project. (Carrier signal only, I don't think it is able

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"On the edge" - I finally got around to port the latest GRBL version (1.1f) to ARM, in the process HALifying and making a library out of it. I then integrated it into my Tiva C based CO2-laser controller card codebase - next step is to hook it up to the laser proper to verify everything is working outside the test setup.


I have to spend some time to learn git - currently I use Subversion for source control, running on my local server. I will not swich to git, Subversion works great for me, but for making code available to the community git is the way forward?


Implementing a HAL-driver should be relatively straightforward, the core GRBL code in my port is nearly 100% hardware agnostic and all hardware related code can reside in one file (the HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer).


A preliminary version of my port can be found in the tread  "Portability Experiments (ARM M4)" over at  https://github.com/gnea/grbl/issues




Test rig, from the edge...



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