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Compiling code in CCS written for gcc?

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Hi I'm having a bit of trouble getting code I find online to compile using code composer studio (newest one)


I seem to be able to compile and run the sample code like blink the led. However when I try to run something I find online such as the hd44780 sample I get errors about missing headers even when I have the file in the same folder. I'm pretty sure it was written for gcc because I see a make file and I am on Windows and I can't figure out mspgcc right now.


So before it makes my headache worse- in general can you compile code intended for gcc in ccs?

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Ah okay that explains a lot.


I am using the newest version of ccs so I think it's 5.5.


I might have to take another shot at getting gcc to work then. I had downloaded mspgcc then mingw since the documentation seemed to point at it. Might try the normal cgywin with it and see.


I was running into errors about not finding the header files but I see some posts here that might be relevant so I'll try before I ask.

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I haven't had a chance to try that yet but it sounds interesting! 


For now I have shifted my attention to Energia which seems interesting although my ability to break the sample code is nothing less than impressive.  I have always been the copy paste and edit type so I'm more comfortable with what I see. 

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