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PCB Give Away

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EDIT: All PCBs found a new home - thanks :-)




I have some spare PCBs I would like to give away for free. I will send three kits (each containing six PCBs, see attached image) for free inside the European Union.




The green PCBs are stackable, 45x45 mm. One PCB is for the MCU, and the other two are proto boards. You could power the board by a CR2032 battery or use a LDO voltage regulator (MCP1702-3302). The header rows left and right are for stacking the boards, the lower one is for a Nokia 5110 LCD breakout.




The black PCBs in the middle (35x35 mm) are stackable too. The lower header is for the I2C SSD1306 OLED (http://imall.iteadstudio.com/display/graphic-lcm/im130625003.html)


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@@reaper7 Good to hear :-)


I use these boards for almost every project, e.g. some minutes ago I made a simple thermocouple board (see image). So in this case I used the MCU board with the OLED attached, a proto board for the MAX31855 IC and a protoboard for a LiPo Accu for regulated 3.3V output (which I made some weeks ago).


So you could re-use the MCU board for many projects and only have to assemble the proto board for the special purpose.


Attached you will find an image of the MCU board - it shows which components (resistor, caps, ...) I normally use. I can also send you the fritzing design files if you need them...



Kind regards


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received in good shape! thank you!



The boards are beautiful and work together so cleverly. Thanks very much!


Thanks for the info, good to hear you got them. Just let me know if you could tinker something nice with them :smile:


Next step for me is to make the next revision - this time I'm planning to make a MCU board for F5529 and G2553. I'm trying to squeeze the TSSOP20 footprint of the G2553 inside the QFP80 footprint of the F5529. But I guess I need to improve my PCB designing skills for this project :biggrin:  ... but anyway, it will be fun.


Best wishes!

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my home barometer

OLED + BMP085 + LiIon 400mAh with charger (TP4056)





P.S. 05.05.2014 - working 24h/day -> acc voltage 3.867V without charging ... :)

P.S. 13.06.2014 - working 24h/day -> acc voltage 3.709V without charging ... :)

P.S. 18.06.2014 - working 24h/day -> acc voltage 3.541V without charging ... :)

P.S. 22.06.2014 - working 24h/day -> acc voltage 2.578V without charging ... :)

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