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LaunchPad, DC Motor, PWM

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Here's my little demo of how to use SN754410 with LaunchPad. Timer's CCR1 is used to control duty cycle via P1.2 P1.0 and P1.1 to control direction (setting both to the same level, 0 or 1, will cau

TP3 will give you 5V if not TP1 will I can't remember. I solder a socket so I can use it when ever I want.   (provided by gatesphere)

Have had the same problem off and on. I have needed to design a few H bridge implementations for several different projects, and while not all ran off the LaunchPad, all were MSP430 projects... so the

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@@RobG i am just trying to get through this project right now, but i am really starting to understand how embedded systems work.


i moved on to next step of the project - PCB of the circuit. before i started to draw it on isis-ares, i tried to see if it will work while msp430 chip is on breadboard. i put to  

msp430's pin 1 to vcc, pin 20 to ground on board and made other pin assigments with l293d.


But as always it didn't work on first try. Any special requirements for this application that you think i don't know?


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RST pin is floating, you should pull it up to Vcc (directly or through 47k resistor. If you want to do in circuit programming, add 47k resistor between Vcc and RST and 1nF capacitor between RST and GND.)

Also, add 0.1uF bypass capacitors next to Vcc pins of both chips or MSP at least.

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@@RobG i drove the pcb layout on ares. i added layout files to attechments (the site doesn't let me uploud ares file). Now the deal is how can i take a output of schema that fits real measurements of peripherals? 


i am trying extending or narrowing the images but it doesn't seem like to be working.

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@@RobG i stucked again :)


i've done the pcb. at the beginning it didn't work at all. after some adjusments, i got voltage out of motor pins but a motor doesn't run with it. there is voltage out of it but no current. how is that even possible? is pcb broke? any idea?

l293d is functional by the way.



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