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Question on timers

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I was reading a separate post about the new TI chip coming out (this forum) and the author stated


"Three timers with 4 CCRs each (finally, enough timer to do what I want!)

Timer C will be 32-bit and will have 8 CCRs (sweet!)"


I am a little slow here and don't fully grasp the significance of these parameters. How does increased number of CCRs benefit me? What can I do with them for example? I'm still early in my experience with C and the MSP430 so it just hasn't sunk in yet.



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Having just figured out how to do PWM with the built in timers, I'll take a stab at answering the question.


Each CCR is a "Capture/Compare Register". Each CCR lets you perform an action based on the count of the clock it is attached to. If you have one CCR per timer, then that timer can only generate one timing signal. If you have two CCRs, that same clock can be used to generate two timing signals, or a much more complex single timing signal.

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Well, the bottom line is that there are MSP430 chips out there which have 5 or 7 CCRs and as wasson65 already stated, you can use each one to generate it's own timing signal, for example 7 servos, lights, or motors, or 7 sound waveforms.

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