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[Group Buy-18][D] WS2812 SMD RGB LEDs with integrated driver chip

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Stencils should use the paste layer of the

Gerber files. I'm not sure if I included that in The packages I sent you. Altium generates them though, I'll package them up when I'm at my computer.


I built a reflow toaster and I have solder paste but I've never thought a stencil was worth the investment. I'd just rather solder by hand/hot air.

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Had a chance to work on mine on saturday night.  One segment down, four more to go  :rolleyes:

I did manage to design and print a cover that assembles in 5 pieces.  It needs some work - the connectors have to be forced together - so much so that I broke one piece and cracked another.  So that part is a WIP.





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