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[Group Buy-18][D] WS2812 SMD RGB LEDs with integrated driver chip

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1900 WS2812Bs and 50 PCBs are on order. 1 set of 5 PCBs (to make 1 clock) are available, please sign up on this thread if you want them. Cost is $9.98. First come first served!




As used in the LED ring clock in quantities of 120. It is a nuisance to buy 200 when you only want 120 plus a few spares. 4 lots of 125 = 500 LEDs which would cost around $85 shipped (surface) to me. 8 lots of 125 = 1000 LEDs which would cost around $165 shipped (surface) to me. 10 lots of 125 plus 50 extras = 1300 LEDs for $196.43 makes $18.89 per set of 125. After PayPal costs that's around $22 just under $20 per lot of 125 plus shipping from me (in USA) to wherever you are. Once we have enough people signed up I'll ask everyone to pay, and once everyone has paid I will order the LEDs.




If people want WS2812B's instead we could do that instead, as long as we all agree. Shouldn't be too hard to fix the LED ring clock design to handle that. I will be ordering WS2812Bs. Greg has kindly redone the Gerbers to match with some advice from RobG.


Post on this thread to sign up, I'll keep a list on this post. Let's try to deal in units of 125. If you would like extras please indicate in your post. If enough people want extras we might get to the target quicker. I can also order PCBs and distribute them, but it definitely won't be worth it for less than 50 boards and it might be a bit marginal even for that quantity. which should present some kind of saving, but I'm not sure how much. 40 5x10 boards from Elecrow shipped DHL cost 4 * $12.90 + $28.26 = $79.86, or just below $10 per set of boards.

Member      | Qty   | OK with WS2812B? | PCB sets | Address  | Payment Rec'd | Shipped
----------- +-------+------------------+----------+----------+---------------+--------
pyrosster   | 150   | Y                | 1        | Spain    | Yes           |
cubeberg    | 150   | Y                | 1        | USA      | Yes           |
dpharris    | 150   | Y                | 1        | Canada   | Yes           |
greeeg      | 250   | WS2812B only     | 2        | Aus      | Yes           |
vicvelcro   | 125   | Y                | 0        | USA      | Yes           | Yes
marsbase    | 250   | Y                | 2        | USA      | Yes           |
enl         | 125   | Y                | 0        | USA      | Yes           | Yes
GeekDoc     | 150   | Y                | 1        | USA      | Yes           |
dubnet      | 125   | Y                | 1        | USA      | Yes           |
t0mpr1c3    | 150   | Y                | 1        | USA      | ---

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I didn't consider the PCBs because they are a set of 10 already ... easy to order direct from somewhere like Elecrow, plus you get to choose the colour that you like.


There are volume discounts at 50+ boards, and I could potentially mail them together with the LEDs. For now I will just register interest and we will see how it goes. Sound OK?

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I'm currently re-designing my LED ring with the new 4 pin layout.


Can I make few suggestions?

- use 5x10 boards x 5 pcs

- use GND (bottom layer) and Vcc (top) pour instead of tracks

- the caps you have on the top layer should be enough, one per 2 LEDs, caps on the bottom layer are not necessary

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Great going fellas, we are above the minimum viable order of 500 LEDs. Looks like we are on for WS2812Bs. If we can get to 1000 I'll call it done and waitlist any subsequent requests pending payment.

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