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43oh Welcomes Noritake VFD As An Official POTM Sponsor

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43oh is glad to welcome Noritake VFD as an official sponsor of our community! As you are well aware, the community is a big fan of the VFD displays as seen in the below threads. They also run awesome promotions where you can get your hands on one.

Noritake VFD SCK-3900-512X32H-01
Noritake Graphic VFD 128x32 Free Sample
Noritake 50% Off Coupon Code (US/Canada)


Noritake also sent us 5 GU144x16D VFD displays to give away. We will be using two for Giveaways, two reserved for contributing members and one for the Project of the Month contest. 




We'd like to thank them for their offer and also purchasing some advertising space on the forum. If you have any questions, list them here and I'll let them know.


noritake VFD.JPG

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