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MSP430 F5529 and CC110L Booster Pack setup

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I just purchased MSP430 F5529 Launch pad and CC110L Air Module Booster Pack.


Launchpad is setup OK with Energia, and Blink LED programs download/ works OK


Now I am trying to setup CC110L booster pack, plugged in module with changed Rx/Tx jumper setting as per startup Guide


Downloaded test program WirelessTest with Energia from Library and download is OK and I have also installed ATC - booster stack light application on my PC


ATC - booster stack light does not seem to connect with MSP430 board, COM port is blank, reset serial port does not help.


Any suggestions to get this module up and running and test it





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The booster stack light application was intended to be used with the G2 LaunchPad not the F5529. To test out the Air Module BoosterPack with the F5529 LaunchPad, open up Energia and go to File->Examples->AIR430BoostUSAFCC->WirelessTest. Make sure the correct board (MSP430F5529) and serial port are selected under Tools, then verify and upload the program to the board. After it has uploaded successfully, click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner (Serial Monitor) to see the data being sent out. 

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