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DSLogic - Multifunction Scope

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It sounds similar to the Digilent Analog Discovery (specs), but with separate extension boards for logic analyser and oscilloscope functionality. The sample rates are the same, but the sample buffer is a lot larger.


Also, it's good that they're making the software open source. I've found a few minor annoyances in Digilent's software (specifically the protocol decoders) that I wish I could fix.


Unfortunately it doesn't appear to have an AWG or pattern generator, which is disappointing as they're really useful on the AD. Nor does it have a case, which looks cool but is a bit inconvenient!

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Same as @dpharris for me.


I stick with my Saleae 16 logic analyser (review) and my Rigol DS1102E oscilloscope (review).


I really appreciate to have a separate screen on my oscilloscope so the screen of my laptop is kept free.


The Saleae logic analyser application is really nice and allows to identify and focus quickly on the issue. 

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