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PCB Layout Tutorial

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Some of you guys may already be aware of Dave Jones from Australia.


He's the guy who does the Elelctronics Enigneering Video Blog


Well, a while ago, he put together a tutorial on PCB Design and Layout.


Here's a direct link to his tutorial pdf.


If you want to make some PCB's and you're a newbie then do yourself a favor and check it out. I'm reading it right now.

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Oh my I have just printed out his tutorial in order to read it on my (long 2 hour) way back home from work :D I just took a course of PCB design and manufacturing that cost me like $200.00 USD it was worth it, we used dry-film photoresist and the outcome was far better than any other PCB I made in the past :D.


Have any of you used dry-film photoresist? Or photo-imaginable ink?





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