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Contiki port for G2553 (no uIP)

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Thanks! Asked him if he could do one for the FF29 LP with uIP. 

Thingsquare already supports this device, IIRC, so it should be in the fully FOSS Contiki repository sooner or later.  Thingsquare will still send you the code, you just need to ask.


Contiki was AVR-centric for a long time.  Now it appears that TI is supporting it, so you can expect that support for MSP430 and CC parts (not so much CC430, which is even too resource-limited for uIP) will be pretty good.


In full disclosure, I sort-of compete with Thingsquare, but not really.  It doesn't mean I don't want you to get IP on an MSP430 if that's what you want, and Contiki/Mist is probably the best way to do that, short of spending hours and hours stripping-out uIP and putting it onto a more optimized RTOS.   :biggrin:  :wink:

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