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3D printed G2LP and 5529LP bumpers/cases

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Hi...I was experimenting with some cases and bumpers to protect LaunchPads as they float around on a desk or in a box of parts. The regular LaunchPad bumper is based on some existing concepts, which I used to create a new design in Autodesk Inventor. The 5529 bumper-case is the same basic idea but with a snap-on lid to protect those easily-bent pins on the top. I just moved to Dallas and need to dig out my 3D printer (among other things) in order to refine the designs a little, but should be able to post some STLs in here soon if there's interest.






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OK I just uploaded them rather than try to fix them first...you all can probably handle it anyway :)


msp430launchpadbumper.ipt: Inventor part file for the basic Launchpad bumper

msp430launchpadbumper.stl: Printable STL file for the basic Launchpad bumper

5529LaunchPadBumper.stl: Printable STL file for the 5529 bumper only (no lid)

5529case.stl: Printable STL file for the 5529 bumper and lid together

5529LaunchPadBumper.ipt: Inventor part file for the 5529 bumper only


I don't have the Inventor file for the lid only, because I made a few mistakes referencing it to the other half of the case...it's hard to flip it over to orient the STL output correctly.


You'll also find that the lid slides horizontally off the 5529 bumper pretty easily, because I don't have any stops to prevent that...it's what I planned to fix before uploading but haven't gotten to it yet.


The forum won't allow uploading ipt or stl files directly, so it's all rolled into a ZIP.


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I was able to extract the cover from Garrett's STL file and extend it a bit to fit the TRF-7970 NFC BoosterPack.  I added 6mm to it as you can see here:




It should be able to fit with many other Boosters as well, but I haven't really tested it out.




It sits only a few mm off of the Booster PCB so that the NFC tag is close to it.




And here's the file for you guys to play with. 7970_5529Top.zip

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