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configuration data store in flash or SD card

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hey guys I'm wrapping up my audible alarm product I am developing and have a question.


would it be better to have a configuration text file on the SD card that it reads, parses, and then plays the file (adding some delay I'm not sure how long, as well as the complexity of parsing a text file the customer will write so there is no guarantee of syntax or organization so the parser would have to be beefy)

I already have the SD card interface running (it plays the sounds off the card), and it has to have the SD card present to function.


however storing the data in flash would require them to plug the serial cable in and make changes in a terminal program (FTDI cable)  this would have faster runtime startup (it has to powerup from scratch, each time it plays a sound as it gets its VCC power from the input lines themselves), and not require them to format the text file properly to be understood by the micro.


I can see ups and downs either way.  I don't know the technical skill of the end user once the device is in the wild, writing a text file is technically easier than running a terminal program, but I don't know,  is there a best practice type thing to consider or am I just overthinking it?


overall this has been an interesting project that started as me redesigning an elevator chime for my father, and has turned into at least a hundred of these units for their factory, and a vendor wanting to market them to other facilities so there could be many more of them in the wild at some point :)

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