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@zeke, I wasn't thinking about making money off of it, just providing cheap kits for forum users. Also, it would not be limited to resistors and caps. I just ordered all bunch of stuff from newark and basically I had to reorder lots of things that I already have in standard packages, so just a thought.

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If you're looking for SMD kits I highly suggest http://www.sureelectronics.net/goods.php?id=162, they also have several other kits and will give you discounts if you order larger quantities. I got them when they had free shipping.


Anyone found any good RF/Power inductor kits? I've been looking for some but haven't found any. Was recently thinking about making a lightning detector/counter/warning with my one of my extra launchpads, realized I couldn't make the circuit up because I had no inductors.

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@RobG: I didn't want to assume that you would work for free. You're probably worth $70..$100/hour as a contractor, IMHO.


@Touch: Have you completed any orders from S.E. yet? How are they to deal with? How would you compare them to DealExtreme or similar?


I would tend towards ordering a crate full of kits from someone who has already done the cutting. They can do it cheaper than I could. It would be more than $630 to do this though. You would essentially turn yourself into a stocking distributor.


It's all about supply and demand.

Is there enough demand here?

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I stocked most of my SMD parts from S.E. (aswell as stuff like LED's, general transistors, electrolytic caps, switches, LCD's.) and I've never had any problems with them, they've always replied to my emails within one business day, but most of the time the same day. I think they will ship by any carrier you wish. I paid 20$ for next day shipping using DHL on my last 100$ order (needed some of the parts urgently for a project.).


I haven't tried them yet, but I've been tempted to get some through hole resistors from this company: http://www.satistronics.com/50-value-14 ... p2163.html

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Bumping... Can this thread be made sticky?


I've ordered from all but one below now, and have probably forgotten a site or two over the last year... Be patient with the China orders, but be even MORE patient with the Thailand orders... Definitely worth the wait when you buy bulk and most of the stuff is just as good (if not sometimes better) than the more expensive things elsewhere... I'm a penny pincher :-P


http://www.mouser.com/ <-- Most of my parts

http://www.micro4you.com/ <-- M/F cables (He posts your tracking code to his Google+)

http://www.mdfly.com/ <-- headers, misc parts

http://iteadstudio.com/ <-- headers, misc parts

http://www.goldmine-elec.com/ <-- Have yet to order from this one, but it's in my bookmarks...

http://www.dipmicro.com/store/ <-- headers, lcd, breadboard

http://www.sureelectronics.net/ <-- rgb leds

http://www.futurlec.com/ <-- misc parts

http://www.arrow.com/ <-- TI chips, often cheaper here than Mouser... hit/miss, price check stuff here from Mouser too

http://www.mpja.com/ <-- misc parts

http://www.dealextreme.com/ <-- Jumper wires, iron tips, misc parts

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Need to add 3 more of my own favorites.

Tayda Electronics, misc parts, kind of like Futurlec but with smaller selection, lower shipping charges, and faster delivery.

Avnet, my #1 supplier for the past few months, great selection, great prices, offers free 2 day shipping from time to time. Nice excess inventory section (no search/filter in that section is a bummer.))

Arrow, not the greatest compared to Mouser, Avnet, or Newark, but they do have several good deals there, especially with free shipping offer. [EDIT] Oh, I see it's already mentioned in the previous post.

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Your forgetting the 43oh store and the TI eStore :P


Parallax is good. Shipping is at cost. A very nice catalog is available

SparkFun is good, but has a red box tax (aka products are much more expensive) Do yourself a favor, and skip sparkfun. I don't think i will ever shop there again after how they treated me.

Radioshack Expensive but a good local option

Fry's Moderate in price, but huge selection of parts, Extremely worth visiting.

seeedstudio - No comment available

RSR Electronics (Electronix EXPRESS) has almost everything (More so with tools). They also have a nice catalog

maker shed - No comment available

Allelectronics - Stocks misc. and over stock parts, shipping starts at $7. They also have a catalog.


I like shopping and browsing products in person or with dead trees.

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Your forgetting the 43oh store

Parallax is good. Shipping is at cost. A very nice catalog is available

seeedstudio - No comment available

43oh store ships only to NA, i think ?


seeed is too arduino/gadgeteer centric, I prefer itead.


Parallax :shock: Just had the worst shopping experience ever with them. I've placed an $260 order in early december, CC got charged a few days later and then silence.... Last week I've sent an email to parallax asking what's up with it. Got an email reply that it was shipped one week after ordering and a tracking number. Well...it's bounced back to the US. Let's see how this will end up. :problem:


Mouser is awesome. Shipping to Germany within 2 days. They may not be the cheapest but the $-

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