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Priced to sell. Everything must go!

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Lots of stuff accumulated over the years. I have throwing electronics away. Shipping can be adjusted at the end for multiple items.


SDCard Boosterpack Gen 1.

Still works. $6. 



Wiznet WizFi Boosterpack with Module.

Worked on this a little. got too busy with something else. $20.



OLED Boosterpack Gen 1

Works :) $10



LS Research  LS240-ZP-01 Proflex1 Zigbee Modules + BoosterPack Breakout PCB

I have no idea how I accumulated so many of these. The BoosterPacks were made by Rob and go over the G2 Launchpad. I have at least 13 modules and two breakout boards. Name your price and add $2.5 shipping over it. $5 shipping if you want all the modeules. I can split if you want.






CR2032 Battery Holder



Launchpad Stickers

Hate throwing them. Free with anything ordered in this post.



The Booster BoosterPack - LiPo Battery Pack + USB Charger

I have 9 of these PCBs. They are not populated, just blank. $1 for each. Schematic in the wiki link. Great if you want to make your own battery pack as well practice soldering.



Breakout/Prototype Boards 

Perfect for QFN/SOIC chip. One of the two smaller breakouts was bought for LCD prototyping.

$5 for the set.



C2000 320F28069 Control Stick

I have two of these. They for for $39 each. $10 for each shipped.



Port Expander BoosterPakcs from Rob.

$5 each. One of Rob's boards spawned from http://forum.43oh.com/topic/946-595-expansion-board/. $5 for each.



Soundpad.MIDI BoosterPack

Rob's design. Even got Hackaday'd. I have to pay back Rob for this. $10 shipped. 



Prototype NFC BoosterPack based on TRF796x

I was supposed to give this as a GiveAway, but never materialized. $20 shipped. PM me if you are interested. Comes with tags/cards and Gen 1 Launchpad.


Ez430-F2013 USB Development Tool

Goes for $24. Your for $15 shipped.



STM32 IL9320 LCD Breakout+LCD SOLD

This LCD is a pull out from the STM32F373VC development kit. The board supports both 16-bit and SPI interfaces. I'm not fully sure, but the driver may be IL920

The board says MB989 Rev B on it.

$15 shipped.




I'll  add more as I find stuff.

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@@bluehash I would be interested on a few of the LS Research  LS240-ZP-01 Proflex1 Zigbee Modules.

Sure. PM me what you'd like to give. We can work something out.



I'll take the breakout / prototype boards.

@@abecedarian Sure! Thanks for taking them. PM me  your address. $6 shipped ok?

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