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[POTM] dAISy - A Simple AIS Receiver

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Any update on availability? I'm building a Pi-based nav computer for my boat, already publishing all kinds of NMEA data over WiFi to my iPad and iPhone. The dAISy (especially a breakout) would fit nicely. Also, I live right on the water in SF Bay and I have a lot of signals available to me all the time, so I would totally be up for testing "alpha" breakouts. 


Keep up the great work!


P.S. A comment about product quality: When you are building a disruptive technology, you don't have to be as good as your overpriced competition. You just need to be good enough and substantially cheaper. So, as long as dAISy gives the average mariner a chance to detect a ship a few miles away and take evasive action, it is good enough. You're not competing with Raymarine, Garmin or Digital Yacht (yet). You're competing with non-consumption.

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Overview dAISy (do AIS yourself) is a very simple AIS receiver that I developed from scratch. It is built around the Silicon Labs EZRadioPRO Si4362 receiver, using a Texas Instruments MSP430G2553 MC

Ain't she pretty?    

Good news for everyone having difficulties sourcing the Si4362 radio IC.   I verified that the transceiver Si4463 works with dAISy. This probably also applies to Si4460 and Si4461. Besides being mor

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Thanks @@petera650 and good points about price vs. performance. At least at the lower end ($200 range), I wouldn't call my competition overpriced. You get a lot of electronics for the money. But then, you got a lot of meat and bones with woolly mammoths too  :P 


That being said, we made great progress with the firmware. Adventurous owners of dAISy (old and new) can check out the new firmware here:



As for availability, I have a (inadequate) stockpile of assembled dAISys, but I'm waiting for USB cables before I put them up on Tindie. I hope availability will improve in late October when the first batch assembled by a contract manufacturer should be ready.


Drop me a PM if you're interested in the breakout board (BoosterPack).

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It's official, dAISy graduated from my 2nd bedroom to a professional assembly line. My Tindie store should soon be stocked for longer than 3 days in a row.



I did go with a local contract manufacturer. NRE for the first batch is a lot higher than the Chinese competition, but it's manageable when amortized over 100 boards. And it includes a free tour of the factory B)


In other news, I received PCBs for the next revision of the dAISy BoosterPack. I use these as prototyping platform to experiment with the SiLabs Si4362 radio. I also added a few pads for the TX pin to make it usable as a Si446x breakout board.



PM me if you want one of the spares of the BoosterPack. I will give away the unpopulated PCBs for free, $10 for the populated PCB. Free shipping in the US, $5 outside the US.

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