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1ms Delay function or Similar help

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I was wondering if someone could help me create or find a delay function.


I was thinking a 1ms delay function could work.


I would like to have this, so that I can have some timed prompts on an LCD that I have working.


Below is a fraction of my main.c 

I hope you guys can help me.

  LcdDispStrg("It is");
//-->Delay Function Here
  LcdDispStrg("Working :)");
//-->Delay Function Here


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I have been using that, but it is not very accurate.


Here is what I was using:

	BCSCTL1 |= DIVA_3;				// ACLK/8

	BCSCTL1 = CAL_BC1_1MHZ;		// Set DCO to 1MHz

Having the external crystal installed, along witht this code would create a 1ms delay when the function is called as 



And assuming this works, would I go the same about creating a 1-second delay? Could I just add "1,000,000" to the function?


Thanks for the help.

I wish I had an oscilloscope or a logic analyzer to look at the signals.

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I wouldn't use _delay_cycles do build a clock or implement time sensitive communication protocols.


But with 1MHz clock, _delay_cycles(1000) should be close enough to 1ms (and _delay_cycles(1000000) to 1 second) for basic delays, e.g. when blinking LEDs, waiting for some peripheral to do its thing etc.


Note, that if there are other things going on, e.g. interrupt routines, _delay_cycles() might take longer than expected. If you need more precise timing, you will have to setup a timer interrupt and implement delay() similar to what Energia does.


PS: @1MHz _delay_cycles(1) will wait 1 us (microsecond), not ms (millisecond).

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