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Hi there,


I am trying to use the WiFi.startSmartConfig() feature for the CC3000 booster pack on a TIVA C launchpad, but I can't seem to get it to work with energia (works fine with TI examples on code composer). I'm using smartconfigAES16 as the key and home_assistant as the device name, is there an example of how to use smartConfig with energia? I currently have it running in the setup() function, but it seems to get caught within the WiFi.startSmartConfig() function. I'm using the java applet http://www.ti.com/ww/en/wifi/smartConfig/ for the smartconfig.


Thank you in advance!

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Confirmed that this is a bug. All works fine on the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad but TivaC/Stellaris LP exhibits a hang. Not sure yet what the cause is but could be due to buffer under run if I have to guess. Will look into it but it might be a couple weeks before I have a fix. Let us know if you turn up more information in the meantime.

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Maybe a bug in the latest version 1.11 it worked for me in the past but i am not able to associate it anymore after patching ti 1.11. Works if you call api wlan_connect inside your code with the correct parameters.

Also not all AP seem to work, i was not able to associate wuth Netgear dgn2000 but works fine with dlink.

In my opinion smartconfig causes more problems than the ones it trues to resolve.




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Thanks for the responses! Yes...I know what you mean, I noticed it works better on the newer routers but has issues with older (~3yrs) ones. Also, it seems to work with the iphone app but doesn't work with the java applet anymore (when testing using CCS with latest firmware). It's still a nice feature, when it works.

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A few days ago i changed something in my WiFi Setup and noticed that the cc3000 couldnt connect to my WiFi anymore and hang in Wifi.begin(). I found out that i accidently changed my WiFi to IEEE 802.11 n and the CC3000 only supports IEEE 802.11 b/g. After changing my router back to mixed g/n mode everything worked as intended.

I suspect that this could be the reason why the WiFi.startSmartConfig() hangs on some network configurations.

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The holdup seems to be in this segment of the code within startsmartconfig line 516:

        // Wait for Smartconfig process complete
        while (ulSmartConfigFinished == 0)
Temporarily I replaced this with a 20 second delay and it seems to work.
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Yes, temporarily I created a new smartconfig function in my application with the 20 second delay that seemed to do the trick. This is the code:



void startsmartconfig(){
        int ulSmartConfigFinished = 0;
        int ulCC3000Connected = 0;
        int ulCC3000DHCP = 0;
        int OkToDoShutDown=0;
        const char aucCC3000_prefix[] = {'T', 'T', 'T'};
const unsigned char smartconfigkey[] = {0x73,0x6d,0x61,0x72,0x74,0x63,0x6f,0x6e,0x66,0x69,0x67,0x41,0x45,0x53,0x31,0x36};

        // Reset all the previous configuration
        wlan_ioctl_set_connection_policy(0, 0, 0);        
        //Wait until CC3000 is disconnected
        while (ulCC3000Connected == 1)
        // Trigger the Smart Config process


        // Start the SmartConfig start process
        // Wait for Smartconfig process complete

        // create new entry for AES encryption key

        // write AES key to NVMEM
        aes_write_key((unsigned char *)(&smartconfigkey[0]));

        // Decrypt configuration information and add profile


        // Configure to connect automatically to the AP retrieved in the 
        // Smart config process
        wlan_ioctl_set_connection_policy(0, 0, 1);

        // reset the CC3000

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Hello, =)


I just bought the CC3000, together with the Tiva C Series Launchpad. I follow the guide line:


1. I downloaded the Patch Programmer for Stellaris LP - LM4F120H5QR, because it does not have Patch Programmer for TM4C123GH6PM.. What I see is only TM4C123GH6PGE.. Is this true? Also, I downloaded the LM flash programmer to load the .bin file to the TIva. 


2. Then I downloaded the SDK 1.11 (Windows) and "import the existing ccs eclipse project" for Basic Wifi Application to the CCS. But when I built the files for project "cc3000 spi", there is an error.. -- > gmake: *** No rule to make target `C:/ti/CC3000SDK/CC3000 SDK/LM4F120H5QR/Basic WiFi Application/Patch Programmer/Source/cc3000_spi/src/spi.c', needed by `spi.obj'.


Did I do something wrong? I need to debug the chip with Basic Wifi Application sample project file before I can perform the Smart Config right?


So after I load the Patch Programmer (Stellaris LP - LM4F120H5QR), the LED blink the red led and finally turns to a constant blue. But after that, what should I do?

Sorry if I ask stupid question but I am totally loss...


Warmest Regards ever,




(Reference: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC3000_Wi-Fi_Downloads )

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