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Chronos and Fraunchpad on offer for the holidays!!!

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Hey all!

   I have received an email from the Official MSP430 Blog where they announce a Holidays offer. They are taking 54% off the regular price for just this last two weeks of the year!!!


So if you always wanted a Chronos or a Fraunchpad and the price tag was your restraint... now you have no more excuses. Woohoo!!!




I just bought my very first Fraunchpad, and the discount code works... and I'm feeling tempted to get another Chronos... mmmmmmmmm



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Just replace a haptic angular motor by a hefty regular motor and you are good to go... :)

Problem with that is that if I did that, I'd have to turn the whole kitchen into a mechanized, 'scan the bar code and open the can', get the plates out, fire the stove / oven / microwave, set the dinner table type affair. Once she gets something that makes things easier, everything has to be easier.



Yes, a mixed blessing.... :ph34r:

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Now I'm totally confused; and this is a rant more than anything.


I know TI only charges once a product's been shipped but this time I paid via PayPal and the charge to the account was there immediately, on the 18th of Dec and was still 'pending' on the 19th. I received the watch today, and the charge to the account is "gone". Nothing pending or cleared to "TI eStore" in the last month or so.


PayPal is telling me the charge has cleared the bank on the 19th: no report of the charge being reversed or disputed.


So, somewhere between PayPal, the bank, and our sanity, the charge was removed for reasons unknown.


We've never disputed a charge placed by PayPal so for the bank to arbitrarily reverse and return a pending charge without contacting us has our hackles in a bunch since other purchases made with our debit card on the same and next day, the same one PayPal is linked to, are shown.


So, sorry for the rant, but I had to tell someone about this... and it couldn't be my wife since the watch is for her.

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Ignore my rant. The watch arrived and the account was charged. I wish they'd use proper language when describing the process.




Having said that, my wife, I can confirm... she is a closet nerd.


She had no interest in my Chronos at all, though she borrowed it occasionally.

Now that she has one of her own she's been all over the TI wiki for it and such.


The biggest issue now, is that for her to program it, she has to learn C.

And when I say she has to learn C, she says "See what?"

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