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New Energia release 0101E0011 - 12/17/2013

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I am happy to announce that release 0101E0011 just went up on energia.nu.    I want to thank everybody for their support and contributions. Energia would not have been possible without such an awesome

This is the standard error message because Energia isn't signed.   Go to systems preferences, select security and allow apps from any source.   Launch Energia: it will work.

Here's the detailed procedure I wrote for embedXcode. It is the same for Energia.  

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Yes my understanding is msp430-gcc (we don't call it mspgcc since it's a whole new unrelated port) has 20-bit support. Fwiw, Peter Bigot's last "development" release of mspgcc (4.7-based) also supported 20-bit and Energia could use it in theory, but the IDE itself may need modification to add the -mmemory=large (or whatever it is, can't recall the exact parameter) to the commandline. I personally built & use this toolchain on my Linux development platforms and have tested the 20-bit support with the F5529LP. Peter no longer maintains it though.


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