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@@SteveR   CN1|GPIO is IRISO IMSA-9023B-14P CN2|Serial is JST B7B-XH-A CN5|Parallel is IRISO IMSA-9023B-16P CN6|Power is JST B5B-XH-A - note these are the connectors on the display, not the

Just received mine.  Easily the largest display I have ever handled.   They included a single fact sheet with a number of PDFs referenced for the unit.  It is stated that the base model # is GU512X

Thought I'd start a new topic for this since a few of us are getting one.   Poking around their website, it appears http://noritake-vfd.com/gu512x32h-3900b.aspx supersedes the units being given awa

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I am finally getting my display into a proper enclosure and need a little help. To that end I am looking to replace the temporary wiring with something a  little more robust than the breadboard jumpers I am currently using for the power connections, but have no idea what the connector is called so I can order one. It looks like a supersized JST connector. Thanks in advance. 

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Thank you so much for your help. I just ordered the correct connector to button up this project.

You're welcome.


You can get to spec's for the displays here: https://www.noritake-elec.com/technical_support/spec_download/specList.html

It does require sign-up and login to access files though.

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