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Compiling and downloading via the command prompt

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I ended up installing a Lubuntu partition on my laptop and decided that I'd like to figure out how to program my MSP430.  After trying for some time to get Eclipse working, I decided that it would probably be simpler (and slightly more tech-savvy) to do everything via Makefiles and the command prompt.  Anybody else here doing the same thing?

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I am using Linux Mint. For starter projects command line environment is more agile.

On windows side, I install cygwin for a similar build environment.


If you are new to msp430, I suggest you download the code examples to start with, http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/MSP430G2_LaunchPad

it pretty much covers all the various device features in one-file example projects. It is very handy to cut&paste from these examples.


I don't even use makefiles as most of my projects are one-file big.


I use the following script to compile. It will just take my last c file edited and compile it + flash. Every quick to play around.


if [ -z $PRG ]; then
LAST_FILE=`ls -tr *.c | tail -1`
PRG=`basename $LAST_FILE .c`


CFLAGS="-Os -Wall -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -fno-inline-small-functions -Wl,-Map=$PRG.map,--cref -Wl,--relax -Wl,--gc-sections"
rm *.elf
rm *.hex

echo "$GCCBIN/msp430-gcc $CFLAGS -I$GCCBIN/../msp430/include -mmcu=$MMCU -o $PRG.elf $PRG.c"
$GCCBIN/msp430-gcc $CFLAGS -I$GCCBIN/../msp430/include -mmcu=$MMCU -o $PRG.elf $PRG.c 

if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then

$GCCBIN/msp430-objdump -DS $PRG.elf > $PRG.lst
$GCCBIN/msp430-strip $PRG.elf
$GCCBIN/msp430-size --totals $PRG.elf
$GCCBIN/msp430-objcopy -O ihex $PRG.elf $PRG.hex

# mspdebug rf2500 "prog $PRG.elf"
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i use nano,gedit and mspdebug with 

mspdebug rf2500 'prog main.elf'

in a script under /usr/bin/

Thanks!  For whatever reason I've never tried using only single quotemarks, and I could download/run the program if I entered that line right into the cmd prompt.  But I could never get the "prog main.elf" line to work in any of my scripts.  Cripes, syntax is a pain....

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