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Ti Launchpad + Energia = Error 4

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Hello everyone!


I'd like some help getting my new ti Launchpad working with Energia...


part: MSP430G2, chip M430G2553


All I've done to it so far is replace the pins with female headers. Now I'm trying to upload the example blink code and all I ever get is this:

Binary sketch size: 677 bytes (of a 16,384 byte maximum)
tilib: MSP430_OpenDevice: Could not find device (or device not supported) (error = 4)
tilib: device initialization failed
On computer #1 (win7, 64bit) I first installed CCS, then Energia. When I plug in the launchpad the green and red lights blink. When I try to upload using the 2553 board selection, I get the error above. I've tried all of the other board selections as well.
On computer #2 (win7, 64bit) I installed the MSP-EXP430G2 64bit win7 driver from Energia's website. Then I installed Energia, tried uploading Blink and got the same errors.
It's like I'm missing some crucial step... Any suggestions? Thank you very much in advance.
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Thank you both for your quick responses!


The board came with the chip on it, I have not removed it.


Yes, I used Energia's drivers for comp 2.


I switched out the chip with the 2452, changed the board in the program, uploaded blink, but got the same error=4 message.


Maybe I did somehow damage something. I'll be able to try another launchpad on Monday...

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mspdebug seems to be able to talk to the board but the programmer is not able to talk to the chip. I would try one more thing and that is to remove all jumpers on J3 and reinstall them just in case that there is a bad connection. Also check if the chip is actually getting power on the VCC pin.



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No USB hubs. Only one Launchpad plugged in, no other boards. Device manager only shows "MSP430 Application UART" under COM ports. No mention of "virtual" or FET. However, I do remember seeing FET430UIF in the device manager of my other computer (#1), which is at work.


I took off all of the jumpers and put them back. No change.


3.53v is going to the VCC pin.

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