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[Energia library] x10rf

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already posted this on the Stellaristi forum but this also works on MSP430 devices.

Just change BLUE_LED to RED_LED in the examplle sketches.




Hi All,
Wanted to share a library I've created to broadcast x10 messages using a cheap 433Mhz OOK device.
There are a lot of (Arduino based) libraries dealing with X10. I couldn't find any RF libraries that works without a 'firecracker' (CMA17) device so I've created one. I am not a coder and this is my first Energia library ever so use at your own risk.  smile.png
The library can emulate x10 switches and x10 security devices and also RFXMeter and RFXSensor devices manufactured by RFXCom. (www.rfxcom.com)
Tested on a TI Stellarpad (LM4F120H5QR) and Energia 0101E0010. It should also work with other boards.

Examples are provided with the library.

You can find it on Github: https://github.com/p2baron/x10rf

Regards, PP

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I've used the cheap (3$) ebay module shown in below. With perhaps a little tweaking on the timing this library should also work voor 315Mhz version.  Haven't tried this.




I still need to update the library. It would be nice to support receiving X10rf messages and the delay functions need to be replaced by non-block code.

Currently I am using a RfxCom USB transceiver to receive X10 messages for home automation in Domoticz.

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Please do! Do you have an image of your setup?


Not yet, it is still in breadboard phase.

See my other post  :smile:

I am working on wireless door sensors with temperature and ambience reporting.

Next to that I am planning to use this library to send my meter readings (power, gas) to my server. I will post pictures once something is finished.

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